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Supporters are Combat medics skilled in warcraft. Heal your allies and help them in combat, or hinder your enemies to destroy them. They are trained to tend to their allies and flank their enemies.

Role Bonuses


Between levels 1-6 Supporters will increase their stats in the following role based stats bonuses

Unique Weapons


Level Name Description
1 Skill Strike icon.png Strike Small damage ability that does not scale with levels.
1 Skill AssailingStrike icon.png Assailing Strike Attack that deals extra damage to your opponent's armor.
2 Skill FirstAid icon.png First Aid Provide aid for your target, directly healing them. Healing is increased the lower your target's remaining health.
4 Skill Screen icon.png Screen Provide cover for your ally.


At level 6 you may undertake a specialization quest from trainers in Newhaven City to further progress your Supporter.

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