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Role Berserker icon.png

The Berserker is a Striker specialization that focuses on all out offense dealing as much damage as possible.

Role Bonuses

Scaling up to level 50, Berserkers will increase their stats in the following specialization-based stat bonuses.
These are in addition to your base role-based stat bonus.



Level Name Description
6 Skill Assault icon.png Assault All out, high damage, hit stamina attack.
8 Skill Arc icon.png Arc Deal damage with your weapon, specific area attack to multiple targets.
10 Skill Fury icon.png Fury Increase haste and damage, but prevents all ability use.
14 Skill Intimidate icon.png Intimidate Look intimidating, short range area lull.
18 Skill FollowThrough icon.png Follow Through Auto-attacks trigger an extra attack.
22 Skill Guts icon.png Guts Increase defenses taking less damage for a short period of time.
26 Skill Windup icon.png Windup Prepare your next attack to deal massive damage.
30 Skill WildStrikes icon.png Wild Strikes Strike wildly hitting multiple targets.

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