Fit for an Outfitter

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This is the Outfitter Level 20 tradeskill quest which rewards a unique shirt and the recipes to create a similar, tradable version.

Starter NPC: Christov Rosefield in Newhaven City in the crafting area


  • Speak to Christov in the crafting section of Newhaven City. He sends you to find the materials to craft the shirt.
    • Kill 12 wolves in the Meadowlands
    • Gather 4 soft wolf fur
    • Kill 6 Drybone foremen in Dryfoot These may be found to the north outside the entrance to Grimstone Canyon, or the mining camp to the far west of Dryfoot Fortress
    • Acquire 6 inert slagrock
    • Kill 15 spiders in Meadowlands
    • Collect 2 supple spider silk
Outfitter Quest1.png

With everything gathered, return to Christov with the materials to receive his hauberk, and the recipes to create a similar, slightly less powerful but tradable version.

Outfitter Final.png
Outfitter Rewards.png

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