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The Knight is a Defender specialization that focuses on mitigating damage to themselves and their group while generating copious levels of single target threat.

Role Bonuses

Scaling up to level 50, Knights will increase their stats in the following specialization-based stat bonuses.
These are in addition to your base role-based stat bonus.



Level Name Description
6 Skill EnragingStrike icon.png Enraging Strike Distracting Strike that enrages your target forcing them to attack you.
8 Skill Protect icon.png Protect Loud roar that goads your enemies to attack you and increases your damage.
10 Skill Counter icon.png Counter Utility skill that can prevent death for a short period.
14 Skill Bash icon.png Bash Area attack that deals damage to up to 6 targets. Deals a moderate amount of damage.
18 Skill Inspire icon.png Inspire Become immune to Stun, Movement, and Haste effects for 20 seconds..
22 Skill CrushingBlow icon.png Crushing Blow Bleeding strike that lasts 20 seconds.
26 Skill Bulwark icon.png Bulwark Greatly increase physical damage resistance for 20 seconds.
30 Skill InnerFire icon.png Inner Fire Rip through your enemies causing them to bleed. Up to 4 targets.

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