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Reagents are consumable items generally found as loot on animals that enhance skills. Each class has two abilities that can utilize reagents. To use them, they must be equipped to a belt bar slot and then enabled by the little check box. You will see the stack number appear on the corresponding ability. The power of the reagent increases based on the level of the monster it drops from.

Class Reagent Ability Source
Striker Numbing Agent Fading Strike Quillback, Emberfly, Rat, Ant, Mandrake
Warden Venom Venom Strike Spider, Frog, Toad
Berserker Hormones Assault Stag/Buck, Wolf, Crab
Brigand Sleeping Dose Stun Rat, Ant, Basilisk
Defender Urine Provoke Bear, Toad, Turtle, Crocodile
Juggernaut Liver Oil Breach Boar, Crocodile
Knight Pheremones Enraging Strike Doe
Marshal Tar Halt Mistwalker, Bat, Spider
Supporter Salve Firstaid Doe, Bear, Mandrake
Sentinel Tincture Replenish Wolf, Boar, Mire
Duelist Ichor Patch Emberfly, Ant, Rat
Warlord Skin Open Wound Mistwalker, Bat, Raccoon

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