Restoring a Legacy

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This is the Armorsmith Level 20 tradeskill quest which rewards a unique chestpeice and the recipes to a create similar, tradable version.

Starter NPC: Danica Arweld in crafting area of Newhaven City


Armorer Quest1.png

  • Find the piece of armor in bat grub ruins east of Brookhollow. It's in a chest in the ruins north of the first ember ring, in the center of the main castle ruins.
Armorer Quest2.png
Armorer Quest Chest.png

  • Return the armor to Danika in Newhaven City
Armorer Quest3.png

  • Find the materials to repair the armor:
    • Kill 12 Rockscale Crocodiles in Aquifer - Karst
    • Collect 6 Rockscale Hides
    • Kill 12 Grub Bats in Dryfoot
    • Collect 4 Grub Bat hides
Armorer Quest4.png

  • Return to Danika to receive a soulbound chestpeice and the recipes to create a similar, slightly less powerful but tradable version.
Armorer Quest Final.png

Armorer Rewards.png

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