Rhonda Knows Best

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Starting Zone: Newhaven Valley
Quest Giver: Rhonda

x5 Traveler's Health Potion


Section 1:

Upon entering the world, you will have a quest to speak to Guard Rhonda. She is located at Drifter's Landing in Newhaven Valley close to where you spawn.

Rhonda Knows Best Quest 1.png

Section 2:

Rhonda instructs you to approach the Target Dummies which are located directly across the road from her. Right Click on the Target Dummy, or whatever your keybind is, to attack.

Rhonda Knows Best Quest 2.png

Section 3:

Your quest will update, telling you to speak to Rhonda again for a reward. x5 Traveler's Health Potion

Rhonda Knows Best Quest 3.png

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