The Blade Remade

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This is the Weaponsmith Level 20 tradeskill quest which rewards a unique 1 handed sword and the recipes to create a similar, tradable version.

Starter NPC: Xanton in Newhaven City near the gate to Newhaven Valley



  • Find an old blade in Aquifer - Karst It can be found in the rubble in the back right corner of the room at the top of the stairs in the first room with Vagabonds in the group section of the dungeon. Marked A on the map.
Weaponsmith Quest1.png

  • Return the sword to Xanton
Weaponsmith Quest2.png

  • Find the materials to restore the sword.
    • Kill 12 wolves in Meadowlands
    • Gather 2 soft wolf fur
    • Kill 6 fire ants in Dryfoot These may be found in the valley south and west of the monolith.
    • Collect 2 Intact Fire Ant Carapace
    • Kill 6 Dryfoot Foremen in Dryfoot These may be found to the north outside the entrance to Grimstone Canyon, or the mining camp to the far west of Dryfoot Fortress
    • Acquire 2 Inert Slagrock
    • Kill 8 spiders in Meadowlands
    • Collect 2 Calcified Spider Fangs
Weaponsmith Quest3.png

  • Return to Xanton with the materials to receive his sword, and the recipes to create a similar, slightly less powerful but tradable version.
Weaponsmith Quest Final.png

Weaponsmith Rewards.png

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