The Fight for the Freehold

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New quest added February 28th, 2023 patch. Need information.

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Starting Zone: Redshore
Quest Giver: Sergeant Mallic Twill
The Fight for the Freehold Quest 1.png

part1 - kill selected freehold humanoids (screen)
part2 - find spy inside - to be found along West wall, there is a small path crossroads nearby and some tents in woods
part3 - kill 30 freehold npc's and put flag in 3 points (2 towers, along East edge, 1st is v. close to fire - just need to get on top of it for quest to record; and 3rd place is in stone circle deeper in FH)
part4 - get reward from Twill (screen with rewards)

Fight for the freehold rewards.png

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