Tinker's Tailor-Made Supplies

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This is the Tinkerer Level 20 tradeskill quest which rewards a unique belt and the recipes to create similar, tradable version.

Starter NPC: Theodoric (other side of the water across crafter bank in Newhaven City)


  • Find the materials to create the belt
    • Kill 6 Rockscale Crocodiles in Aquifer - Karst
    • Collect 2 Rockscale hides
    • Kill 12 basilisks in Dryfoot
    • Collect 1 Basilisk Scales
    • Kill 10 Fire ants in Dryfoot These may be found in the valley south and west of the monolith.
    • Collect 1 Intact Fire Ant Carapace
Tinker Quest1.png

  • Return to Theodoric with the materials to receive the belt, and the recipes to create a similar, slightly less powerful but tradable version.
Tinker Quest Final.png

Tinker Quest Rewards.png

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