Turning Over a New Leaf... or Stone... or Pelt

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Starting Zone: Newhaven Valley
Quest Giver: Darrimar Greenleaf

Ability to choose one of the following harvesting professions


One of the following rewards


Section 1:

Darrimar will give you information on the 3 different harvesting professions and let you choose one for free.

Turning over a New Leaf Quest 1.png

Section 2:

Darrimar will send you to harvest an item relevant to the profession you chose. Don't forget to equip the tool you were given.

Turning Over a New Lead Quest 2.png

Section 3:

Return to Darrimar after collecting the required amount of materials. He will ask you to refine the materials you collected. There is a crafting station directly beside Darrimar you can use to do this.

Turning over a new leaf refine update.png

Turn in the refined item and choose one of the following rewards:

Debug data: