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Role Warlord icon.png

The Warlord is a Supporter specialization that uses their powerful voices alongside their combat skills in battle to both inspire their allies and invoke fear in their enemies.'

Role Bonuses

Scaling up to level 50, Sentinels will increase their stats in the following specialization-based stat bonuses.
These are in addition to your base role-based stat bonus.



Level Name Description
6 Skill RejuvenatingHymn.png Rejuvinating Hymn Party-wide heal over time effect.
6 Skill OpenWound icon.png Open Wound Attack that applies a debuff to the opponent which causes attacks to have a chance to cause additional damage.
8 Skill EnergizingBattleChant.png Energizing Battle Chant Party-wide stamina replenish over time effect.
10 Skill TerrorsOfWar.png Terrors of War Single Target Fear.
14 Skill Stifle.png Stifle Single target attack which reduces enemy haste.
16 Skill DreadBellows.png Dread Bellow Area of attack debuff which reduces enemy enemies hit and penetration.
18 Skill FocusingBattleChant.png Focusing Battle Chant Party-wide effect that increases a character's ability to hit.
22 Skill FlinchingStrike.png Flinching Strike Strike your opponent reducing their block, parry, and avoid.
26 Skill RallyingCall.png Rallying Call Rally your allies increasing their haste
30 Skill FrightfulVisage.png Frightful Visage Elicit fear in those around you sending them fleeing

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