A Veins Odyssey

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Quest begins with Preston Sandar in Newhaven City

NOTE: you need to have completed the quest "Into the Drift" to get this quest.

Preston is located at Rangers Guild building in the Military Quarter. Preston wants you to search for information on Ranger Thom. You will need to locate Ranger Thoms journal inside 3 different Embervein Solo Loops.

Ranger Guild Preston
Preston asks you to go to 3 solo loops

First Three Journal Locations

Journal in Watchers Folly
Journal in the Noxious Bog
Journal in Derelict Sanctuary

Report Back to Ranger Captain Sandar

Captain Sandar will give you a choice of items as a reward, and he now wants you to find journals in 3 more solo Ember Veins.

Reward options
Second set of Solo EVs to search

Second Three Journal Locations

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