Acolyte's Ambition

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You get this quest from Bella Folina after finishing Essential Studies

Starting Zone: Newhaven City

The Academy

Quest Giver: Bella Folina


Part 1

Bella Folina wants me to study statues of an old man down in the Central Veins under Northreach, then return to her at the Academy in Newhaven. She recommended that I bring some friends.

Central Veins


  • Find the Ancient Statues

The easiest statue to find is entering CV2 from Exile Camp side and heading to the middle Ember Ring. You will find a statue in the corner there.

Return to Bella and she will reward you with a Field Research Tunic

Part 2

I gave a report to Bella Folina about the statues in Central Veins. I should check my notes and travel to the location where I think the message might have originated from.


Find the origin of the message in the strange rock. Enter the East Exile Camp in Dryfoot by traveling up the East road on the map. Continue past the 1c Exile mobs until you reach the main entrance. You will see a path leading left and right, take the left path until you come to a room filled with Exiles. Look on the ground there for an object to click on for your quest update. Return to Bella when complete.

Strange Rock


  • Locate the origin of the message

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