Brewing Up History

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This is the Provisioner Level 20 tradeskill quest which rewards the recipes to create a unique potion.

Starter NPC: Bartolo in Newhaven City near the gate to Newhaven Valley




  • Speak with The Brewer - Bartolo who will send you to gather ingredients
    • Hunt 10 Quillbacks in Meadowlands
    • Retrieve 5 Recently Eaten Grain
    • Kill Exile Brewer in Meadowlands These may spawn in place of any exile around the Encampment to the north or Ruins in the south.
    • Retrieve 1 Barrel Pure Spring Water
    • Kill 10 Mires in the Aquifer - Karst
    • Retrieve 3 Gelatinous Mire Goo
    • Destroy 3 Ant Hills in Dryfoot
    • Retrieve 1 Fiery Ant Nectar from fire ants

Brewing Up History.png

Return to Bartolo for your rewards. Tip: Gelatinous Mire Goo is used as a fermentor when doing the recipie.

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