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Role Brigand icon.png

The Brigand is a Striker specialization that focuses on using stuns to crowd control enemies and high damage finishers to dispatch them.

Role Bonuses

Scaling up to level 50, Brigands will increase their stats in the following specialization-based stat bonuses.
These are in addition to your base role-based stat bonus.



Level Name Description
6 Skill Stun icon.png Stun Stun your opponent for a while or until they are hit again.
8 Skill HiddenStrike icon.png Hidden Strike An unseen strike that grants no threat.
10 Skill Overpower icon.png Overpower A strong attack which bypasses your opponent's armor.
14 Skill SharpenEdge icon.png Sharpen Edge Sharpen your weapons, increasing your penetration.
18 Skill Daze icon.png Daze Daze your opponent preventing them from using abilities.
22 Skill FlashPowder icon.png Flash Powder Throw powder in the air temporarily stunning nearby enemies.
26 Skill Execute icon.png Execute Execute your opponent, dealing more damage the closer to death they are.
30 Skill FromTheShadows icon.png From the Shadows Attack from the shadows greatly increasing your chance of a critical hit.

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