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The Duelist is a Supporter specialization that balances both healing their allies and damaging their enemies.

Role Bonuses

Scaling up to level 50, Duelists will increase their stats in the following specialization-based stat bonuses.
These are in addition to your base role-based stat bonus.



Level Name Description
6 Skill Patch icon.png Patch Quickly patch up your ally.
8 Skill CombinedStrike icon.png Combined Strike Hit your enemy causing them to bleed.
10 Skill Disengage icon.png Disengage Reduce your threat to enemies around you.
14 Skill WeakPoint icon.png Weak Point Attack your enemy and reduce their physical damage resistance.
18 Skill Serration icon.png Serration Serrate your allies weapon giving their auto-attacks a bleed.
22 Skill Triage icon.png Triage Quickly patch up your group of allies.
26 Skill HemorrhagingStrike icon.png Hemorrhaging Strike Strike your enemy, further damage may cause additional damage.
26 Skill Stim icon.png Stim Rejuvenate an ally increasing their stamina regeneration.

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