Ember Veins

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Ember Veins are mini-dungeons with entrances that move around a defined region of a zone. Their layout is often smaller than a normal static dungeon but is still intended for a full group. Enemies have the capability to turn ashen inside EVs.

If indicated Yes in the Solo Loop column below, this dungeon contains a Solo Loop which is a section tailored for individuals or small groups to tackle while gathering a larger team.


Zone Name Level Solo Loop Type
Northreach Torchbug Tunnels 10 Yes Ember Vein
Northreach Watcher's Folly 12 Yes Ember Vein
Meadowlands The Noxious Bog 14 Yes Ember Vein
Meadowlands Derelict Sanctuary 16 Yes Ember Vein
Meadowlands Spinner's Recluse 18 Yes Ember Vein
Dryfoot The Crawling Burrows 18 Yes Ember Vein
Dryfoot Basilisk Run 22 Yes Ember Vein
Redshore Forest Flooded Ruins 26 Yes Ember Vein
Highland Hills Blightroot Grove 41 Yes Ember Vein
Grimstone Canyon Arkhos Lair 48 Yes Ember Vein
Redshore Ridge Cragscale Caverns 50 Yes Ember Vein

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