Exile Raider

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Exile Raiders are humanoids that spawn in groups of 2 or 3 in the Meadowlands. They range from levels 22 to 23 and are required for the final step of the Freeing the Meadowlands quest. Gerrin also has a chance of spawning on any of the 4 camps. Upon killing Gerrin the quest A Threat to the Meadowlands is granted which provides multiple level 20 rewards.

There are a total of four camps spread throughout the western half of the Meadowlands map. Each camp primarily spawns two level 22 Exile Raiders with the chance to spawn one level 23 Raider (a placeholder or PH) OR Gerrin. If a PH is alive at one of the 4 camps, Gerrin cannot spawn.

Meadowlands Exile Raider Locations


Dire Claymore.png
Dire Quarterstaff.png
Dire Polearm.png
Dire Battleaxe.png
Raiders Dire Crossbow.png

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