Hallick's Tower

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Starting Zone: Newhaven Valley
Quest Giver: Hallick Gurey

see bottom of page for item rewards.


Section 1:

Speak to Hallick at Hallick's Tower Camp to pick this quest up. He will send you to speak to Therrin Nordman at Therrin's Camp to the North East.

Section 2:

After speaking to Therrin he will send you to kill 10 Ancient Bear Offspring in the North West section of the map. See Bear Cave for where to go.

Hallick's Tower Bear Update.png

The 2c and 3c bears here will count for your quest but the 1c won't count. Be careful of the named Misha roaming around this area.

Section 3:

After you kill the 10 Bear Offspring your quest will update saying to speak to either Hallick or Therrin for a reward.

Hallick's Tower Reward Update.png

Rewards from both Hallick and Therrin are the same

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