How to add new NPCs, Items, Zones and Quests

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This guide shows a way to add new entries to the Wiki. There are other ways to do it. As an example, the guide creates the NPC with name "Lotus" in Aquifer.

    1. Search for the name to add. Eg. search for ”Lotus”. Note: open the wiki as a full page to see search icon on left column. Otherwise the search icon should be at the bottom of your page if opened in a smaller window.
    2. In the search result
      • If the entry already exists: Click the entry
      • If the entry doesn't exist, click the name (marked in red) to create a page
    3. Enter text in the main text area
      • Adjust the parts mentioned in brackets to specify a link to another page.
        • If the page doesn’t exist: That’s ok, it will be listed as a ”broken link” and can be created later.
        • If the page already exist: Make sure to use same spelling (case matters).
      • NPC:
        • Named Mire in [[Aquifer]]. Found behind the Exiles part of the dungeon.‎<br>
          Known loot:‎<br>
          * [[Pond Treaders]]‎<br>

      • Item:
        • Note: First determine which slot the equipment goes (see ”Drifter’s Wiki -> Items to see all slots). Weapons, Shield, Offhand, Back, Chest, Cuirass, etc. In the example below, it in ”Weapons”.
        • *#**

          Dropped by [[Lotus]] in [[Aquifer]]<br>

      • Zone:
        • Note: Make sure the page is named "Category:ZoneName".
        • *#**

          Zone description...


    4. Click "Save page" (bottom of page)
    5. Add a picture [optional but recommended]
      • Tip: In-game screenshot is F12 and the pictures are stored in your default pictures folder in in a sub folder called ”Embers Adrift”.
      • Edit the page
      • Insert -> Images
      • Click ”Upload”
      • Click ”Select a file” and select a file on your device
      • Check the checkbox ”This is my own work”
      • Check the checkbox ”This is my own work”
      • Click ”Upload”
      • Type something in the ”Description” field (could be just a dot but the field is mandatory)
      • Click "Save"
      • Click "Use this image"
      • Click "Insert"
      • Click "Save changes" (upper right corner)
    6. Review the page (locate it via Drifter’s Wiki” top menu). Edit the page if needed.
    7. Done!
    8. Upload a new version of a file or screenshot
      • Click on the picture within the item page.
      • On the image page, select "Upload a new version of this file" at the bottom.
      • Click 'Choose File' button
      • Click 'Upload file' button at the bottom.
      • Check the File page to make sure your new file is set as current.
      • Refresh the Item page.
      • Note: If your new screenshot is set as current, and you are not seeing the changes, clear your cached images on your browser, refresh the item page to pull down the new one.

Debug data: