Lost to the Sands of Time

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Starting Zone: Dryfoot
Quest Giver: Weathered Stone Tablet

Relic Hunter's Chitin Cuirass
Relic Hunter's Leather Cuirass
Relic Hunter's Scale Cuirass


Section 1:

Obtain Weathered Stone Tablet from killing Dryfoot Foremen in Dryfoot. A good farm place for this is in the NE of the zone near Grimstone Canyon zoneline. Can easily duo all the 2c Foremen.

Speak to Alomester Wraughtgilder, he is in Newhaven City close to the south gate.

There will be two dialogue options:

  • Sell it to him. (choose this it's 60s for you)
  • Give it to him.

Section 2:

Alomester sends you to kill 15 Drybone Marauders in Dryfoot. Good camp for these for solo/duo is the NE part of the map near the campfire to the north.

Talk to Gedrick Thorne located in Sheercrook Hideaway in Dryfoot.

Gedrick sends you to find out what the Marauders are doing in their cliffside camp to the North East.

Head back to the North East campfire and travel North around the rocks until you arrive at a Marauder Camp. There are 3c Marauders around level 26 so be careful inside. On the right side of the camp is a tent beside some ruins, inside the tent is a book on a table. Click the book for your quest update.

Lost to the Sands of Time Quest Book Update.jpg

Section 3:

After clicking on the book your quest will update and send you to kill 25 Marauders in the Dryfoot Stronghold to the South.

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