Meadowlands Antiquities

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Starting Zone: Meadowlands


40 silver and a choice from the following


Step 1

The quest begins by finding a Strangely Marked Slab that drops from an Exile Looter in the ruins in southern Meadowlands.

Meadowlands antiquities 1.png
Step 2

Bring your slab to Alomester Wraughtgilder just inside the southern gate in Newhaven City. You will be given the option for monetary compensation or donating your slab. Point forward this guide is based on gifting him the relic.

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Step 3

Meet Cintya in Brookhollow. She can be found just north of the crossroads in town.

Meadowlands antiquities 3.png
Step 4

Find and speak with the Furtive Exile. He appears only at night behind a farmhouse far south of Brookhollow, nearly to the Ember Ring.

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Furtive Exile loc.png
Furtive Exile.png
Step 5

The excavation orders are found in a book on some shelves inside the exile ruins.

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Meadowlands antiquities book loc.png
Meadowlands antiquities book.png
Step 6

Return to Alomester for your choice of rewards.

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Meadowlands antiquities rewards.png

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