Newhaven Valley

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Newhaven Valley
Levels 1-8

Connects to
Newhaven City
Central Veins (CV1)
Ember Veins
Bulletin Boards
Ember Rings

The jumping off point for your Embers Adrift journey, your first steps out of the Darklands and into Newhaven Valley will find you at Drifter's Landing where you may talk to the people of the outpost and get the lay of the land. The valley itself is home to mostly peaceful creatures and farms, but once you leave the roads to the north be prepared to encounter wilder animals and smugglers. The sprawling cave complex of the Central Veins runs underneath the entire valley. Continue north on your adventure to reach Newhaven City.

Locations Quests Named
  1. Drifter's Landing
  2. Baerdin's Camp
  3. Hallick's Tower Camp
  4. Hilgridt's Farm
  5. Stonehill
  6. Monolith - Newhaven Valley
  7. Windmill Camp
  8. Newhaven City
  9. Central Veins East Entrance
  10. East Smuggler Hideout
  11. Therrin's Camp
  12. Central Veins West Entrance
  13. West Smuggler Hideout
  14. Bear Cave

†Most outposts include the following:

Drifter's Notes
  • At nightfall, thieves will patrol farms and smugglers become more numerous.
  • Smugglers - Lvl 4-6 (1-3 Chevron) Camps can be found on the west and east side of the northern portion of Newhaven Valley. Humans are social creatures by nature so it is best to practice caution when pulling.
  • Northwest Bear Caves - Lvl 5-6 (1-3 Chevron) bears required for the Hallick's Tower quest. Recommended group size or at least 4 people.

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