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Northreach Map.png

Levels 8-16

Connects to
Newhaven City
Central Veins 2 (CV2)
Ember Veins
Torchbug Tunnels - Ember Flies
Watcher's Folly - Bats
Bulletin Boards
Ember Rings

Once you leave the safety of Newhaven City behind, you'll find yourself north of the wall and in the wilderness. The outpost of Ravenrock lies to the northeast in the shadow of a large Exile encampment. The regions many valleys are home to wild animals, deadly spiders, mistwalkers and more. To the northwest you will find the route to the Meadowlands and to the northeast, the passage to the deserts of Dryfoot.

Locations Quests Named
  1. Newhaven
  2. Ravenrock Outpost
  3. Monolith
  4. Meadowlands
  5. Dryfoot
  6. Ancient Overlook
  7. Windmill Camp
  8. Spider Cave - CV2 South entrance
  9. Exile Encampment
  10. CV2 North entrance
  11. Brandle's Farm
  12. Mistwalkers
Drifter's Notes
  • The wolves come out at night.
  • Emberfly EV can spawn across much of the zone, by the farms, near the wall, towards spiders.
  • Bats EV usually spawns in the northwest corner of the zone, between monolith and Meadowlands

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