Patrolling Northreach

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Starting Zone: Northreach
Quest Giver: Kander Sackmoore

See bottom of page for quest rewards


Section 1:

Kander wants you to recover some lost tools to the South East. Head out of the camp and head down the road heading East. Continue until you see the Ranger tower up on the mountain. Take the right pathway into the spider infested forest. Along the mountain wall you will see a little abandoned camp. Walk up to it to receive your quest update.

Ranger Tower up on the Mountain
Quest update for tools

Return to Kander when this is complete.

Section 2:

Kander will send you to the West farm to check on the farmer. Head west into the mountain area until you come across the farm shown in the picture. Click on the door and the farmer will ask you to kill Boars.

Patrolling Northreach Boars Update.jpg

Section 3: Visit the Ember Monolith to the West

Section 4: Inspect the farm to the East

Section 5: Gather (1) Grub Bat Ears (Can be done prior from any Grub Bat, lower levels available at other locations. Grub Bats spawns at night)

Section 6: Gather a Exile Woodman's Note (Can be done prior. Exile Woodman spawn in any wooded area throughout the zone)
Rewards Metal or Leather Armor

Section 7?: Kander will request that you infiltrate the exile camp. To complete this you must gather a party and fight your way into the exile nearby Ravenrock Outpost. The exiles are roughly level 11-13 and range from 1 chevs to 3 chevs. They're very social so CC and/or a good puller is recommended.
Rewards Weapon

Patroling Northreach.png


From step 6
Ravenrock Cuirass
Ravenrock Faulds
Ravenrock Helm
Ravenrock Vambrace
Ravenrock Leather Cuirass
Ravenrock Leather Faulds
Ravenrock Leather Helm
Ravenrock Leather Vambrace

From Step 7
Ravenrock Battle Banner
Ravenrock Buckler
Ravenrock Crossbow
Ravenrock Curved Sword
Ravenrock Dagger
Ravenrock Great Axe
Ravenrock Great Sword
Ravenrock Hatchet
Ravenrock Heater
Ravenrock Heavy Crossbow
Ravenrock Kite Shield
Ravenrock Long Bow
Ravenrock Long Sword
Ravenrock Mace
Ravenrock Maul
Ravenrock Spear
Ravenrock Quarterstaff
Ravenrock Short Bow
Ravenrock Sword

Patroling nortreach rewards

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