Raw Potential

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Next Quest: Essential Studies

Starting Zone: Meadowlands

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Quest Giver: Archie Swish
Reward: Crudely Cut Ember Stone


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Raw Potential is the quest needed to get your Emberstone and learn how to charge it. An Emberstone charged with Ember Essence is needed to utilize monoliths to fast travel between zones.

To start Raw Potential you have to be level 10, go to the first ember ring in Meadowlands and talk to Treasure Hunter Archie Swish. He will ask for 10 silver to give the quest, but will accept 5 silver, so bring some silver with you.

He will direct you to investigate a ruin on the other side of the Castle Ruins to his north. This ruin is by the lake shore, and has a shovel sticking in the ground. Click on the shovel to get the next part.

Clicking on the shovel will reveal a memory of a miner. He was mining a glowing rock in the mountains to the north, and the memory reveals that his journey leaving the rock had planet behind him, over his right shoulder.

If you consult with Archie, he will tell you that to retrace the route, you need to face the planet with it over your left shoulder.

When you reach the northern mountains, you can find a glowing rock a couple of places, in the extreme north east corner and somewhat further west.

After finding the glowing rock, you need to find someone who knows how to use it. This is Khym Faedinvol in the Academy in Newhaven City. She will transmute the rock you found into a Crudely Cut Ember Stone, and instruct you to discover how to charge it by giving you the next quest Essential Studies. This can be done by killing ashen creatures, which can spawn when a creature (not a human) is killed either inside an Ember Vein, or above ground by an Ember Drift. Note: ashen creatures who are grey to you will not give ember essence.

Ember Drift <=Ember Drift

After charging your Emberstone with at least 1 Ember Essence, you can return to Khym in the Academy and complete the quest.

Next Quest: Essential Studies

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