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Your character has 3 adventuring roles or classes to choose from. These roles determine the skills and sometimes equipment available to you as you explore and combat your way through the world. Upon reaching level 6, you may choose from one of 3 specializations or subclass which will further affect the skills available to you and affect the style of play.

Switching Roles

You can remove your specialization and role at any time by right clicking in your skills windows and choose FORGET. Be warned! Forgetting your specialization will start your next selection at level 6 and forgetting your role will reset all your experience!!! After resetting, you may pick a new role/specialization from trainers.

A quick overview of the advanced classes


Defenders are Skilled warriors, that fight in heavy armor. They are trained to face their enemies head-on and draw attacks towards themselves.

  • Knight An expert in one-on-one combat
  • Marshall A seasoned tactician changes the tide of battle by stopping enemies in their tracks.
  • Juggernaut Strike down enemies with little regard for their defenses


Strikers are deadly fighters trained to inflict as much damage as they can in a variety of ways.

  • Berserker Deal out deadly damage in rapid fashion striking as many foes as quickly as possible.
  • Brigand Underhanded fighting and quick strikes, the Brigand can knock out foes as well as it can dispatch them.
  • Warden Attuned to the world, poison enemies and aid allies.


  • Duelist Offensively and defensively balanced, bleed out enemies and patch up allies.
  • Sentinel Excel at both reinforcing their allies and reducing their enemies effectiveness.
  • Warlord Use powerful songs alongside combat skills to both inspire allies and invoke fear in enemies.

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