Runty's Revenge

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New quest added February 28th, 2023 patch


Starting Zone: Dryfoot
Quest Giver: Runty

Increased ember stone capacity, Traitor's Tunic, Traitor's Mask OR Traitor's Boots

Notes before starting

  • You'll want some people around level 25 to GEL up to if you are bringing lower people in. Some packs can have quite a few links, and the named especially Korin can hit like a truck.
  • You can get the item Broden's Toolkit from the Drybone Engineer here which are for the quest Eye in the Sky which starts in Northreach.

Section 1:

  • Sabotage Supplies

Runty sends you to sabotage the carts and shed north from him along the road and in the west Marauder's camp. After getting all 3 quest updates return to Runty. You will receive a Traitor's Tunic.

Runty Quest.png

Runty's Revenge Quest Objective Chest.jpg
Cart, shed.png

Section 2:

Part 2 quest.png

Runty sends you to the Dryfoot Stronghold to the south. Follow the pathway up the mountain to reach it. This section is straight forward. Kill the requested mobs inside which are around the middle section and along the side paths and stand in the middle of the Champion's Ring. After you complete the quest objectives return to Runty.

Champion's Ring Quest Update.jpg

Champion's Ring

Section 3:

Runty will let you pick between 1 of 2 rewards:

  • Traitor's Mask 20 Adventuring: 9 AC | -5 Combat Mov. | +6 Parry | +10 Movement Debuff Resists
  • Traitor's Boots 20 Adventuring: 7 AC | -5 Combat Mov. | +3 Avoid | +10 Movement Debuff Resists

He will send you to The Academy in Newhaven City to speak to Khym Faedinvol to upgrade your Ember Stone by 50 points.

Debug data: