Scavenging Supplies

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Starting Zone: Meadowlands
Quest Giver: Dain Lavendersky

See bottom of page for quest rewards

Video Link: Video Walkthrough Link For Scavenging Supplies Quest

This quest seems to have one extra step not covered in video, maybe added in later.

Section 1:

Investigate missing supplies on the docks at The Isle of Ill Fate, commonly called Frog Isle or Frog Island.

Dock with quest update, Scavenging Supplies near end of dock.

Section 2:

Party of 6 player level 18+ recommended for this section.

Find the wolf cave. Following the water south where river meets the mountain you will find a wolf cave. A popular EXP spot 18+.

Continue through the wolf cave and the hallway until you see 2 barrels on the left side. Click on them for the next update.

Section 3:

Find the spider infested plateau. This is also very straight forward. Continue up the path past the Oasis on the left into the spider cave. You will receieve the update.

Next you need to kill 20 Spiders and find the missing supplies. The supplies are located down the left pathway past the door that leads into the dead end circle room. You will see the supplies against the wall.

Section 4:

Head back to Dain Lavendersky in Brookhollow to receive your reward.

Pick one of the following rewards:

Scavenging suppiles rewards

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