The Ballad of the Merry Five

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Quest begins with Arn in Newhaven Valley

He is located at his home on his side porch, just south of the windmill in the main village. Near the #7 on the Newhaven Valley map.

Arn in Newhaven Valley daytime
Newhaven Valley Map.png

Kill the Stout Shoat

It is located just north of Arn's home in the field where the "red flowers" are, but it only spawns at night.

There may be a 2 chev place holder in its place, be patient and keep killing it till it spawns.

Merry 5 Step 1.jpg
red flower field

Find Engstad in Newhaven City

Engstad is located in the ally around the corner from the crafters and crafting station in Newhaven city.

Find Engstad
Engstad the Drunk

Find Bootlegger's Brew

Engstad won't talk to you unless you bring him a bottle of Bootleggers' Brew and you will also be required to slay 10 smugglers in Central Viens. Go to CV1 and find "Bootleggers", the brew is not a guaranteed drop so you may have to farm some.

Engstad's requests
Bootleggers Brew.jpg

Find Paytyr

Take the bottle of Bootlegger's Brew to Engstad, and he will continue the quest. You will need to go find Paytyr in Meadowlands. Take the road into Meadowlands from Northreach, and on the left side of the road shortly before the monolith you will see Paytyr standing in front of his house. He will want you to kill some Grassblade Mandrakes, they are in the field right behind his house.

Find Paytyr
Paytyr in Meadowlands daytime

Objectives in Dryfoot

After killing the Grassblade Mandrakes you will have to seek out Karlata in Redshore, and you will need to bring her some Basalisk scales from Dryfoot. Go to Dryfoot and farm basalisks until you have the 3 scales needed. Keep in mind you have to atleast kill one Basalisk in Dryfoot (even if you already have the scales or someone gives you some.)

Find Karlata in Redshore bring Basalisk Scales

Finding Karlata

Finding Karlata can be difficult. because she is just in the middle of the woods in Redshore. Here is how to find her easily:

  • Go into Redshore from Dryfoot (NW corner behind Vantessa's Camp)
  • Follow the road a pretty short distance (from the bottom of the stairs when you first hit the road, follow the road with the run buff for 55 seconds) until you come to the specific tree shown in the picture below. You will see a large tree covered in leaves, a bush next to it , and a log in the road right in front of it.
Tree with Bush and Log to help find Karlata

  • Once you get to this point turn due east and run into the woods, you should be able to see her almost right away standing in the distance.
Path to Karlata
Karlata in the distance

  • You found Karlata

Karlata Objectives

Karlata Objectives

Karlata objectives

Take Potion to Engstad

After collecting all the things Karlata wants she will craft you a potion called "The Good Stuff", and you will need to take this to Engstad. You will get a recipe for the potion "The Good Stuff" unfortunately it is Soulbound. Engstad will then want you to get Karla's Helm and kill Garr.

Take Good Stuff Potion to Engstad
Recover Karla's Helm and slay Garr

Kill Garr and get Majestic Helm

Garr is located in the Oasis of Grimstone Canyon, the far end by the lake. He is up on the 2nd Floor. On a side note, the mobs you kill here can drop Level 34 Ability books.

Garr the Feared.png
Majestic Helm

Take Message to Paytyr

After Killing Garr and collecting the Helm you will return to Engstad. You will recieve a decent earring as reward. Engstad then wants you to take his message to Paytyr.

Bring Engstads message to Paytyr
Earring Reward

Bring Paytyr's Message to Karlata

Paytyr suprisingly accepts the invitation to Arn's house as long as Karlata will go also, so now you must go speak with Karlata again. Karlata wants you to recover her sword from the Snatchscales in Redshore Ridge.

Bring Paytyrs message to Karlata
Karlatas sword from RR snatchscales

I'm still working on this quest myself, and as I progress I will update it.

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