The Circle Expedition

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Starting Zone: Dryfoot
Quest Giver: Tabetha Brookfield

See bottom of page for quest rewards

Section 1:

Tabetha Brookfield in Sheercrook Hideaway sends you to complete 4 tasks.

The Circle Expedition Quest Objectives Picture.png

  • The Ant hills and Basilisks are located all over dryfoot but the easiest place to farm them is to the west of Sheercrook. Recommended to have 3+ people for ant hills. Tank/dps/healer or multiple dps/healer. Mobs are yellow at level 19 so prepare accordingly.
  • Scouting the Marauder Camp is the large Exile camp to the east. Following the right path from Northreach entrance will take you there. Just progress up the path and into the camp a bit and you will get the quest update.
  • Recovering the circle supply cache is just south of the Exile camp and NE of the first tower ember ring. Located in some ruins that are infested by 2c rats. You need to climb the ladder twice and click the object at the top for quest update.
The Circle Expedetion Quest Cache Location Picture.jpg

Section 2:

Once all 4 are complete return to Tabetha in Sheercrook. She will send you to Villiman who is located in Newhaven City on the west side of the north gate.

The Circle Expedition Quest Villiman Update.png

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