The Threat of Grimstone

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New quest added April 25th, 2023 patch. Need information.

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Starting Zone: Dryfoot
Quest Giver: Victor Gant

See bottom of page for quest rewards

Notes before starting quest

28+ Recommended party level.


Section 1:

  • Investigate the entrance to Grimstone Canyon. To get this quest update, zone into Grimstone Canyon from NE Dryfoot entrance. Continue east past the first campfire until you come to some ruins. You'll get the update as you run around the ruins.

Section 2:

  • Kill 3 Slagjack and 10 Marauders nearby in the camps. They are very close to the previous update just check the camps and you will see plenty of mobs around.

Section 3:

  • Explore Grimstone Canyon: Mandrake Pass. Mandrake pass is to the northwest of second campfire. That long pathway leading north.

Debug data: