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Tradeskills in Embers Adrift are comprised of 6 crafting classes supported by 3 gathering classes. You may learn any combination of 3 trades, having a 2nd available when your first trade reaches level 6, and 3rd class when your first 2 have achieved level 12.


While early tradeskill quests may only present a selection of classes available as a reward, you may choose from the full list at any tradeskill trainer. Your tradeskill classes may not be higher than 10 levels above your adventuring class.

Upon reaching level 20 in a crafting class, you will become eligible for a class specific crafting quest


  • Weaponsmith Experts at making and balancing metal weapons; swords, maces, axes, and mauls.
  • Woodworker Take refined wood and shape it into implements of war; bows, arrows, staves, wooden shields, and banners.
  • Armorsmith Fashion refined metals into excellent, form-fitting, armor pieces as well as shields.
  • Outfitter Craft lighter leather armors and tailor clothing
  • Provisioner Create foods, drinks, potions and gathering tools
  • Tinkerer Create jewelry, daggers, and throwing knives


  • Hunter Refines animal parts into bones, meat, fur, and hides.
  • Forester Gather fallen wood, useful plants, and delectable mushrooms.
  • Prospector Mine and refine ore, gemstones, and other minerals.

Tradeskill Dependency Matrix

Weaponsmith Armorsmith Tinkerer Outfitter Woodworker Provisioner
Hunter X X X X X
Forester X X X X
Prospector X X X X

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