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The Defender is an adventuring role that focuses on threat generation and armor to stay at the front-line to protect their allies. While using taunts to provoke the enemies, it also has a good subset of defensive tools to keep itself up during the battle.

Role Bonuses


Scaling from levels 1-6 Defenders will increase their stats in the following role based stats bonuses

Unique Weapons

  • Maul
  • Polearm
  • Shield


Level Name Description
1 Skill Strike icon.png Strike Small damage ability that does not scale with levels.
1 Skill ThreateningStrike icon.png Threatening Strike Increase threat while striking the enemy. High damage.
2 Skill Provoke icon.png Provoke Utility skill used to increase threat by a large amount.
4 Skill Resistant icon.png Resistant Bolsters defensive capabilities for 20 sec.


At level 6 you may undertake a specialization quest from trainers in Newhaven City to further progress your Defender.

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