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In the Old Kingdoms to the south, beyond the Great Chasm and the horrifying Darklands, the people found a small amount of something they formerly thought was only a myth, called ember. A thing they had never seen - only known from the childrens' tales they were told in their youth. It was said in these myths that with ember one could perform the most miraculous feats.


Ember is the magic of the world, waiting to be used and harnessed in a variety of ways; aiding in healing, strengthening skills, empowering armor, and instant travel.

Resembling campfires, being near ember rings refill health and stamina more quickly as well as recover fatigue from extended combat and death.
Present in every outdoor zone, these obelisk like structures enable travel between each other or to ember rings within their respective zone using charges from your Ember Stone
Where ember has erupted to the surface and attracted and empowered nearby creatures. These become portals to mini dungeons for both groups and solo players.
After discovering your Ember Stone, you may learn The Magic of Ember to enhance your abilities!
Bits of ember absorbed by wildlife, these may be used to craft more powerful types of armor and weapons.

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