Getting Your Feet Wet in Dryfoot

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Starting Zone: Dryfoot
Quest Giver: Monroe Edore

50 Silver, see bottom of page for item rewards.

Section 1:

Talk to Monroe Edore in Dryfoot. He is at the first campfire / tower close to Northreach zone line. He needs some help clearing out grub bats.

Getting Your Feet Wet in Dryfoot Grub Bats Update.png

  • Kill 10 Grub Bats at nearby ruins. They are right across the road of the tower.
  • Return to Monroe Edore to complete this section.

Section 2: Monroe sends you to talk to Ferrin Krenner at the camp west of the first Ember Ring / Tower where Monroe is. Follow the road west and you will see the camp up the hill.

  • Krenner sends you to destroy 3 Ant Hills. The best place to do these are the higher level hills right by Sheercrook Hideaway.
Getting Your Feet Wet in Dryfoot Quest Ants.png

When the hills are destroyed your quest will update and tell you to speak to Elen Lettle who is located at the West campfire along the road. Speak to her and she will send you to kill 12 Basilisks. The Basilisk on the west side of the map only seem to count for the quest. You can find them near bone structures, near Ant Hills.

Section 3:

Once you kill 12 Basilisk your quest will update telling you to speak to Vantessa Sangret who is located at Vantessa's Camp. Located at the North West campfire.

Reward is 50sp and a choice of the following:

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