Interacting with the World

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Drifting ain't easy, and once you emerge from the Darklands you will encounter many locations and items, some familiar and some not, to help you explore. Below we'll go over some basics to get you started.

Interactive Objects

  • Repair Anvils: Repair items on your person and in your inventory that have become damaged through use or death.
  • Crafting Station: One size fits all station for refining and crafting.
  • Personal Stash: Bank for individual characters, accessible throughout the world.
  • Newhaven Bank: Shared bank for all characters on an account. No-trade items are permitted, Soulbound are not.
  • Monolith: One per zone, used to transport to other discovered monoliths and to nearby Ember Rings.
  • Bulletin Boards: Source for simple tasks that reward some experience and a small buff.


  • Ember Rings: Resembling campfires, being near ember rings refill health and stamina more quickly as well as recover fatigue from extended combat and death.
  • Hallows: Respawn points after death. Standing in their vicinity can reveal other ember locations at a distance.
  • Ember Veins: An upwelling of Ember energy that contains a portal to a mini-dungeon. Creatures in the vicinity may turn Ashen.
  • Ember Ruptures: Similar to a vein, but do not contain a portal.


  • General Merchant: Basic supply merchant for food, drink, ammo, etc.
  • Tools Merchant: Sells basic tools for harvesting classes.
  • Trainers: For adding or switching adventuring and tradeskill classes.

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