Shoring up Redshore

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Starting Zone: Redshore
Quest Giver: Ageta Angbrach

See bottom of page for quest rewards

Notes before starting quest

Before starting, it is worth noting that this quest can be very long and difficult with a few people. Recommended party of 6 members level 28+ as some mobs will still be orange at 28, and there will be dangerous links. You will want to set aside 1-3hours to do this quest, depending on how good your group is.


Section 1:

Ageta sends you to the fishing village to the south. Marked on the map below. Walking up on the docks will complete this section of the quest.

Soring up Redshore 1.png
Shoring up Redshore 2 Fishing VIllage.png

Next you want to search around the side of the camp for a quest update for finding the staging area.

Shoring up Redshore 3 Staging.png
Shoring up Redshore 3 Staging2.jpg

After that you need to check for signs of Newhaveners. The quest update is very close to the staging point update near the back of the camp by the tents. Click on the chests piled up there.

Shoring up Redshore 4 Newhaveners.png
Shoring up Redshore 4 Newhaveners2.jpg

Speak to Garrik at the Ember Ring

Section 2:

Garrik sends you to kill 12 Lumberjacks at nearby camps.

Shoring up Redshore Lumberjacks1.png
Shoring up Redshore Lumberjacks2.png

Return to Garrik when this is complete.

Section 3:

Garrik sends you to the west to collect orders from some ruins near his homestead. Follow the path west until you come across the ruins (top right picture) kill the 3c Exiles and go through the camp until you find the barrels (bottom right picture) you will see a book there you can click on to complete this section.

Shoring up Redshore Orders1.png
Shoring up Redshore Orders3.jpg
Shoring up Redshore Orders2.jpg

Section 4: Next you will be sent to The Quarry to rescue the Newhavener. Head there and fight your way through 3c Exile until you reach the captive (top right picture) He will then ask you to find the key which is above and behind him. Search the area (bottom right picture) to retrieve the key. Use the key on his cage to free him.

Shoring up Redshore Captive1.png
Shoring up Redshore Captive2.jpg
Shoring up Redshore Captive3.jpg

Section 5:

Speak to Sergeant Mallic Twill to complete the quest. Located in Redshore at the South camp. Southeast of Meadowlands entrance.

Pick one of the following rewards:

  • Twill's Lost Standard 30 Support: +10 Stam Regen | +7 Combat Movement | +7 Resilience | +7 Daze Resist
  • Redshore Reaver 30 Adventuring: 8-28 DMG (5d5+3) | Delay 4s | +12 Penetration | 5DMG 125% Behind | 15HIT 100% Side
  • Petrified Bark Shield 30 Defender: 52 AC | 4000 Durability | 17% Threat | +8 Haste | +10 Block | 25-35 Block Value
  • Petrified Bone Gauntlets 30 Striker: 10-16DMG (6d2+4) | Delay 2s | +10 1H Weapon DMG | 15HIT 100% Behind | 35PEN 125% Side
  • Redshore Stag Helm 30 Adventuring: 8 Weight | 26 AC | +5 Positional | +5 Chemical Debuff Resists

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