The Missing Apprentice

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Starting Zone: Newhaven Valley
Quest Giver: Balgar Galenestor

see bottom of page for item rewards.


Recommended when you reach the section to involve the guards or search immediately to pick to search immediately, as it cuts out a lengthy amount of additional running around.


Section 1:

Balgar sends you to look for Aydlin near the Monolith. The Monolith is located right outside the CV1 East entrance.

The Missing Apprentice Monolith Location.png

Approach the Monolith for a quest update and approach the smuggler's camp beside the Monolith to investigate.

Your quest will update and say to return to Balgar at Hilgridt's Farm.

Section 2:

After talking to Balgar he will give you 2 options. (A) Inform the Guards (not recommended) or (B) search for Aydlin immediately, which starts your CV1 section.


Speak to Lieutenant Cole Krenner located in Newhaven City before the class trainers. Him and the NPC beside him are both wearing full plate armor.

Cole Krenner is located on the right

Krenner will send you to talk to the miller Phil who is located to the south west of Windmill Camp in Newhaven Valley

The Missing Apprentice Miller.png
Phil The MIller Location.png

Phil will send you to find his missing wheat, which is located in the West Smuggler's Camp. An easy way to do this section solo is to store all of your items and copper in your personal stash and run in to get the wheat. When you die, you can forfeit your bag for no loss. This method is nice if nobody is around to team up with to kill the Smugglers.

Location of Smuggler's Camp
Walk near the carts to get wheat quest update

Return to Phil after getting the wheat update for a reward of x5 Warm Newhaven Bread.

Head back to Newhaven City and speak to Cole Krenner once again.

Krenner wants you to find where the missing supplies are sent. For this update, you need to walk near the West entrance of CV1 for it to pop up.

West entrance to CV1 where update is
Update is around where black oval is, right by the doorway

After receiving that update return to Cole Krenner in Newhaven City.

Krenner will reward you with one of the following:

Krenner will ask you to observe smugglers and exiles. To do this, you need to enter CV1 from the west entrance. Where you just got the last update from. Once inside, follow the red line on the map provided. (Click the map to enlarge it)


The kid was dragged all throughout Central Veins and has dropped his garbage probably to leave a trail. Find his pencil, backpack, and sketchbook to advance the quest. See the map snippets from Central Veins to location each of these items marked Q1, Q2, and Q3.

Missing Apprentice Q1.png
CV1W The Missing Apprentice.png

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