Trade Quests (Level 20)

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Trade Quests

Each of the crafting classes have class specific quests available upon reaching level 20 in that trade. These begin at trainers in Newhaven and reward recipes for related items with a level 20 adventuring requirement. There is no minimum adventuring level requirement for these quests, however, they do require killing creatures in Meadowlands, Dryfoot, and their related Dungeons and Ember Veins.

Quest Name Starting Zone Reward Level Prerequisites
Restoring a Legacy Newhaven City 20 20 Armorsmith
Fit for an Outfitter Newhaven City 20 20 Outfitter
Brewing Up History Newhaven City 20 20 Provisioner
Tinker's Tailor-Made Supplies Newhaven City 20 20 Tinker
The Blade Remade Newhaven City 20 20 Weaponsmith
The Woodshaper's Request Newhaven City 20 20 Woodworker

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