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Rare & Named drops

Class / Specialization Reagent Drops From
Striker Numbing Agent Quillback, Emberfly, Rat, Ant, Mandrake
Berserker Hormones Stag/Buck, Wolf, Crab
Brigand Sleeping Dose Rat, Ant, Basilisk
Warden Venom Spider, Frog, Toad
Defender Urine Bear, Toad, Turtle, Crocodile
Juggernaut Liver Oil Boar, Crocodile
Knight Pheremones Doe, Bunny
Marshal Tar Mistwalker, Bat, Spider
Supporter Salve Doe, Bear, Mandrake
Sentinel Tincture Wolf, Boar, Mire
Duelist Ichor Emberfly, Ant, Rat
Warlord Skin Mistwalker, Bat, Raccoon

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